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Faith & Politics Weekly Wrap – 29 June to 8 July 2017

Note: This extended edition of the Weekly Wrap is provided as I’m switching from Wednesday release to Saturday (but in this case, Sunday, as I’ve been at a conference). Henceforth Weekly Wrap will normally arrive on Saturday evening (UCT). 

Image: shifting control over Iraq and Syria, via IHS Conflict Monitor.

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Pride Month ends with marches and celebrations in Paris, London, and elsewhere. [France 24 / PinkNews UK]

Tensions with the USA’s Climate strategy (or lack thereof) capture headlines on the G20 summit. [BBC]


Violent protest in Venezuela reaches fever pitch, as pro-government demonstrators raid the opposition-controlled legislature on Venezuela’s Independance Day. The Catholic Church has joined protesters criticising ruling far-left President Maduro’s plans for constitutional change. [CNN / Miami Herald]

The US Senate returns from recess tomorrow with Republicans desperate to garner enough votes to pass key healthcare legislation. [Politico]

Immigrant Sanctuary Cities in the US defend their practices to the Federal Administration. [Reuters]

What is the impact of Comedy on Social Justice? [Patheos (Commentary)]


In the UK debate rages over Charlie Gard, an infant with a highly debilitating medical condition, as to who has the right to decide his fate. UK medical professionals, backed by UK courts and the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights), have insisted Charlie be removed from life support, while President Trump and Pope Francis have attempted to intervene on behalf of Charlie’s parents, who want him to receive experimental treatment in the US. The case is being reviewed again by UK courts tomorrow and may be reviewed by the ECJ (European Court of Justice). [Guardian / Time]
Between Realities will write on the topic this Wednesday. 

Islamic religious leaders travel across Europe on an anti-terror pilgrimage. [Deutsche Welle]

Africa & Middle East

Bill Gates criticises Europe’s generous approach to African refugees in an interview with German television. He recommends increasing foreign aid packages, instead. [AfricaNews] [Original interview at Die Welt (German, paywall)]

Dozens of refugees die when a rubber dinghy capsizes in the Mediterranean. [Al Jazeera]

Ethiopia weighs in on the Gulf crisis over Qatar, concerned that it will over-spill into the Horn of Africa. [AfricaNews]

The Prime Minister of Iraq arrives in Mosul to congratulate forces on retaking the city and large swathes of the surrounding countryside from ISIS (see headline graphic). [New York Times]

ISIS claims responsibility for a terror attack in Egypt, provoking government reprisals. [ABC / AfricaNews]

Asia & Oceania

Soon after Taiwan’s move towards legalisation of gay marriage – which would make it the first Asian country to do so – China shuts down its largest LGBT social media network.  (Quartz)

A ruling which would give the sacred Ganges and Yamuna rivers human rights has been reversed by the India Supreme Court. (The Telegraph of India)

Satire & Comedy

The Top 5 Satire Sites from an American Christian perspective. [Babylon Bee (Satire)]

ISIS weighs in on Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, Sean Hannity, and other American television personalities… [The Mideast Beast (Satire)]

…and ISIS criticism of late 90s indie is particularly brutal. [Clickhole (Satire)]

British protesters mar the 4th of July US Independence Day celebrations. [The Mideast Beast (Satire)]