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Faith and Politics Weekly Wrap – 22 to 28 June 2017

Image: a men-only gathering of Orthodox Jews prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Photo via the Resurgent.

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Catholic leaders condemn the ACA, a healthcare bill drafted by Senate Republicans in the US, for potentially depriving millions of health insurance. Fears that the measure will be voted down have prompted Republicans to delay the vote. [Catholic News Agency / Washington Post]

Speculation increases that instead of repealing and replacing Obamacare, the previous law drafted by the Democrats in 2009-2010, the Republicans may reach across the aisle and work with Senate Democrats to reach a compromise. [NY Times]

The US Supreme Court makes changes to President Trump’s refugee ban, but many are left in doubt as to their future resettlement. [NY Times]

A dissident in a helicopter attacks a government building in Caracas, Venezuela. The government brands it a terrorist attack. [Guardian]

Security is increased in Ottowa, Canada in anticipation of terrorist risks during Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations. [CBC]


President Trump has accepted a last minute invitation from French President Emanuel Macron to attend Bastille Day celebrations in Paris next week. It will be the second time Trump has met the new French President after a terse meeting shortly after his election. [France 24]

Theresa May’s Conservative Government agrees a potentially toxic deal with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland for supply and confidence, and immediately receives criticism from Scottish Nationalist MPs. [Evening Standard (Comment) / BBC]

Several suspected ISIS promoters have been arrested across Europe. [BBC]

Africa & Middle East

The UN commemorates 50 years of occupied Palestine at a New York event, amidst criticism from Israeli pundits. [UN Forum / Jerusalem Post]

Orthodox sects in Jerusalem win a battle over plans to reform prayer structures at the Western Wall, raising criticism from Jewish progressives. [Jerusalem Post / Canadian Jewish News]

Ethiopia, recently praised by worldwide observers for its refugee support, is struggling to repatriate thousands of their citizens who are in Saudia Arabia without documents. [BBC]

Asia & Oceania

India’s presidential election predictions favour Ram Nath Kovind of the ruling BJP (centre-right) against Meira Kumar of the India National Congress (centre-left). Both have accrued a variety of endorsements, and both are Dalit (members of the lower Hindi castes). India’s president is elected by national representatives in a secret ballot.

Senior Vatican Clergyman Cardinal George Pell is charged with several counts of sexual assault in his homeland of Australia. [Australian Broadcasting Corp.]

#NotinMyName protests are organised in India to try to stem the tide of anti-Mulsim violence. [Times of India]

Multiple terror attacks in Pakistan coordinated by local terrorist cells have left over 90 dead. [Wikipedia]

Satire & Comedy

Pope Francis takes his ambiguous quotes to an extreme. [Clickhole (Satire)]

Do vaccines cause Calvinism? [Babylon Bee (Satire)]

4 midi skirts that say “I’m late for Temple” [Reductress (Satire)]

A physicalist God explains the universe. [SMBC (Cartoon – explicit)]

Amidst the many controversies surrounding the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Trump has a very specific request. [The Mideast Beast (Satire – explicit)]

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