Some Changes

Last August / September I went through a number of changes in my life which I hadn’t anticipated, and this blog was among the first casualties. I had a new relationship, a new career, and a lot going on.

Revisiting this project, I have made a few adjustments to the focus and content.

  • I won’t try to publish “Weekly Wraps” as there’s far too much going on for me to keep tabs on everything, unfortunately. Maybe if I have more time/energy in future, I will resurrect this.
  • I’ll be publishing more on art, music, and culture.
  • There will be a lot more LGBT* perspectives (both my own and hopefully from others).

From the start I had envisioned this blog as being a platform for genderqueer interests (hence the colour palette) but I wasn’t sure how to merge that with my initial focus on religion and politics. My solution is to worry less about constraining myself to religion and politics and focus on cultural issues more broadly, which seem to be what I’m writing about these days.

On Wednesday I’ll be writing about Jordan Peterson — check back soon.